185 - 270 PLN
National Ballet of Georgia - Sukhishvili
19 February 2024

National Ballet of Georgia - Sukhishvili

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185 - 270 PLN

Opera Nova
Marszałka Ferdynanda Focha 5, 85-070 Bydgoszcz
03 March, 19:00 Rotterdam 67 - 82 EUR Buy
07 March, 19:00 Aachen 52-82 EUR Buy
10 March, 20:15 Almere 79-97 EUR Buy
12 March, 19:00 Hague 59-109 EUR Buy

About the show

National Ballet of Georgia - Sukhishvili in Bydgoszcz!

February 19, 2024. 100 professional dancers will perform at Opera Nova, accompanied by an orchestra composed of national instruments. Georgian National Ballet Sukhovshili is one of the brightest modern representatives of Georgian dance. For many years it has been bringing the traditional dances of its nation to the world, presenting them in all their glory. With graceful women who seem to flow across the stage in amazingly beautiful costumes and strong men who perform impressive acrobatics, the company is famous for its skills.

National Ballet of Georgia - concerts in Poland!

We invite you to a Sukhishvili concert, during which time will stop and you will be fascinated by what is happening in front of your eyes, this is an event worth going to if you love dance and if you have not been to this type of event before. Feel the magic of Georgian dance and culture with the unrivaled Sukhishvili in Bydgoszcz!

We invite you to a concert of the National Ballet of Georgia - Sukhishvili in your city:

  • February 4 - Krakow

  • February 5 - Warsaw

  • February 6 - Lublin

  • February 7 - Rzeszow

  • February 10 – Czestochowa

  • February 14, 23 - Szczecin

  • February 15 - Koszalin

  • February 16 - Slupsk

  • February 17 - Elblag

  • February 18 - Poznan

  • February 20 - Gdynia

You can buy tickets on our website or at the city box office and enjoy Georgian dance live!

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