125-185 PLN
National Ballet of Georgia - Sukhishvili
17 February 2024

National Ballet of Georgia - Sukhishvili

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125-185 PLN

Hala MOSIR Elblag
aleja Grunwaldzka 135, 82-300
03 March, 19:00 Rotterdam 67 - 82 EUR Buy
07 March, 19:00 Aachen 52-82 EUR Buy
10 March, 20:15 Almere 79-97 EUR Buy
12 March, 19:00 Hague 59-109 EUR Buy

About the show

National Ballet of Georgia – Sukhishvili in Elbląg!

We invite you to a concert of the National Ballet of Georgia at Elblągu on February 17, 2024. Sukhishvili is not just a dance company, it is a history that goes back to the 40s of the twentieth century, as 1945 is the date of its foundation. For almost 80 years now, they have been introducing Georgian dance to those who are not yet familiar with it around the world and meeting again and again with those who admire it. World tours, more than 300 concerts every year, and every time they impress people of all ages.

Concerts by Sukhishvili in Poland!

Preserving the culture and traditions of the family and the nation, presenting it around the world at the highest level - this is all about the National Ballet of Georgia. They skillfully convey the mood of dances from different regions of the country, the charisma of their people, their strength and tenderness, and it's all through dance! This is a real incredible show that is worth visiting and not only the tricks and dance performances will awaken vivid emotions in you, but the musical accompaniment of the orchestra, bright costumes and professional dancers. Hurry up and buy tickets on our website or at the city box office.

The concerts will also be held:

  • February 14 in Szczecin

  • February 15 in Koshalin

  • February 19 in Bydgoszcz 

  • February 20 in Gdynia 

and in other cities.

We invite you to the MOSIR Hall in Elbląg (135 Grunwaldzka Avenue) for a concert by the National Ballet of Georgia - Sukhishvili, beginning at 19:00. Follow more events in Elbląg on our website.