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National Ballet of Georgia - Sukhishvili
20 February 2024

National Ballet of Georgia - Sukhishvili

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275 PLN

Teatr Muzyczny im. Danuty Baduszkowej
plac Grunwaldzki 1, 81-372
03 March, 19:00 Rotterdam 67 - 82 EUR Buy
07 March, 19:00 Aachen 52-82 EUR Buy
10 March, 20:15 Almere 79-97 EUR Buy
12 March, 19:00 Hague 59-109 EUR Buy

About the show

Sukhivshili concert in Gdynia!

On February 20, 2024 we invite you to a concert of the National Ballet of Georgia - Sukhishvili in Gdynia. Real magic will take place on the stage of the Danuta Baduszkowa Music Theater, where the ballet dancers will skillfully capture the beauty of traditional Georgian dances, telling a new story with each performance. The artists will be accompanied by their own orchestra, which will add a unique mood to the event.

One of the most famous Georgian dance companies in Gdynia!

The National Ballet of Georgia Sukhishvili is an outstanding representative of Georgian dance in the world of modern choreography, skillfully combining traditional movements with elements of modern dance, while remaining true to their dance heritage. Over the years, they have not only presented the traditional dances of their nation, but also amazed the world with their sophistication and grace. Their performances transport audiences to the magical world of Georgia, where feminine grace and masculine strength intertwine to create true magic on stage. We invite you to a concert of the Sukhishvili National Ballet of Georgia in Gdynia to see for yourself their uniqueness. Tickets can be purchased on our website or at the city box office.

We look forward to seeing you on February 20, 2024 at the Danuta Baduszkowa Music Theater in Gdynia, the concert will start at 7pm!

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