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Kalush Orchestra
02 December 2023

Kalush Orchestra

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89 PLN

Klub Żaczek
al. 3 Maja 5

About the show

KALUSH has long been known for its constant experiments and interesting collaborations. For example, Kalush Orchestra was created specifically for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, where traditional Ukrainian folklore motifs were added to the signature rap performance of frontman Oleg Psyuk's songs, which became the band's trademark and led to their victory at Eurovision.

The experiments do not end there - in the fall, the band is going on a short mini-tour: new English-language tracks, a new sound of popular hits, which can only be heard in this unique tour, which will consist of five concerts, where Oleg Psyuk will not be on stage.

Oleg explains what makes the tour unique: "We are constantly in search of a new sound, mixing styles, creating fits. And so, I thought, what would it be like if my verses were covered by Timofey, TAB or KILIMMEN, but in a completely different style. We tried it and it turned out to be something really extraordinary! We want to share it with you, so I invite you! Don't miss it, because there will be only five concerts!"

You can see how Kalush Orchestra's songs will sound, especially the rap parts of the frontman in pink panama, Oleg Psyuk, performed by other band members, very soon on the official KALUSH pages on social networks and hear them live during the mini-tour, which will take place in December. Do not miss the unique concert program that will not be repeated.