169 PLN
06 October


169 PLN

Kwadrat Klub
Stanisława Skarżyńskiego 1, Krakow, Poland

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About the show

Concert of the Ukrainian band Boombox in Krakow!

One of the most famous Ukrainian bands, Boombox, will perform in Krakow! Already this fall, on October 6, 2024, meet them at Kwadrat Klub to feel this special atmosphere of their performances, because everyone who has ever been to a live performance of the band wants to repeat this experience. Favorite music, great performance, communication, it's all waiting for you!

Boombox band with concerts in Poland!

For two and a half years, the band has been touring around the world, actively raising funds for the Andriy Khlyvnyuk Foundation, which provides the Ukrainian Defense Forces with necessary items. The band calls it their “Modest Mission” to do everything they can to provide for the defenders, and it is possible thanks to you, the fans and guests of Boombox concerts! So in October, they are going on tour in Europe, including several major cities in Poland.

Become a part of the band's concert in Krakow, enjoy the music and join the charity. You can buy tickets for Boombox's performance on our website today. Find more events in Krakow on our website.

Songs by Boombox:

  • “Імперії впадуть”

  • “Немає причин”

  • “Тримай мене”

  • “Квіти у волоссі”

  • “Сталеві квіти”