139-169 PLN
Improvisation show "Well, maaaaam"
09 April 2024

Improvisation show "Well, maaaaam"

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139-169 PLN

Odessa Club
ul. Kolejowa 8/10

About the show

Natalia Garipova and Alyona Gudkova in Warsaw!

A charity comedy night from two moms - stand-up comedian Natalia Garipova and the founder of the first charity flea market “Кураж”, Alyona Gudkova. April 9 at the Warsaw club Odesa. Why motherhood plays the main role here, because the show will be about mothers, about eternal why, don't want and want, about likes and dislikes, about hundreds of choices and hesitations, about children and those who gave them life.

At the show, they will try to understand the answers to all the questions that arise and come home after the show, when the children are already asleep.

Improvisation show "Ну, Мааам" in the capital of Poland!

It will be a show about you, about moms, about your moms and their moms, about what you don't want to be, but sometimes you can't do otherwise, and about what you would like to become, about the boundless love and devotion that makes children exist.

This show is a charity event, so all 100% of the proceeds from this evening will be donated to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as Ukrainian defenders need constant support.

To get to the Improvisational Show about motherhood "Ну, Мааам" by Natalia and Alyona in the capital of Poland, buy tickets on our website, more events in Warsaw are waiting for you on our page.

It will be an unforgettable evening full of a bright spectrum of emotions, laughter, reflections and positive.